WHS Management Plan

WHS Management Plan

This WHS management plan package includes:

  • A WHS management plan – 152 pages.
  • 43 workplace health and safety management forms and;
  • Is aligned to the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act and Work Health and Safety Regulation.
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What is a WHS Management Plan?

A WHS management plan is a written document that is legally required by a principal contractor before a construction project can commence. The plan outlines the health and safety risks associated with a construction project and the procedures that will be put in place to control those risks.

Benefits of a WHS Management Plan

           Benefits of a WHS Management Plan

The plan must be reviewed and updated regularly as the construction project progresses, and should include the following information:

  • An overview of the project, including the scope of work, the location and the estimated duration.
  • An identification of the risks associated with the project.
  • An assessment of the risks, including the likelihood and severity of each risk.
  • The procedures and processes that will be put in place to control the risks.
  • The responsibilities of the principal contractor and other stakeholders for implementing the plan.

This plan must be written in a way so that it is easy to understand by the workers and must be available for the duration of the construction project.

About this WHS Management Plan Package

This WHS management plan package is designed to meet the obligations of a principal contractor to prepare a work health and safety management plan for a construction project.

There is a fundamental legislative introduction and legislative references at the beginning of each section of the WHS management plan. This can assist with your legal obligations and to guide you or other ‘Duty Holders’ to further information, if needed.

Our research and experience indicates that construction workers generally get quite bored with page after page of text, so we have included images, graphics and diagrams within the content, to enhance reader interest and assist with explaining many of the details and procedures.

The 43 WHS forms included in this package are:

  • Induction Record
  • Pre-Start Meeting Record
  • Toolbox Meeting Record
  • Safety Inspection Checklist
  • Power Tool Checklist
  • Incident Report Form
  • Witness Statement Form
  • Hazard Report Form
  • Risk Assessment Form
  • Hazard and Risk Register
  • Safe Work Method Statement Template
  • Chemical Register
  • Chemical Risk Assessment
  • Skills and Competencies Register
  • Plant and Equipment Maintenance Register
  • Electrical Equipment Register
  • Lifting Equipment Register
  • Incident Register
  • Working at Heights Checklist
  • Scaffolding Checklist
  • Plant and Equipment Checklist
  • Manual Tasks Checklist
  • Noise Hazard Checklist
  • Pre-Purchase Checklist
  • Underground Service Location Checklist
  • Signage Audit Checklist
  • Confined Space Entry Permit
  • Permit to Excavate
  • Hot Work Permit
  • Verification of Competency Assessment
  • Non-Conformance Report
  • Suitable Duties Plan
  • Lift Plan Pro-forma
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification
  • Hazardous Area Work Permit
  • Management of Change Approval Form
  • Safety Documentation Checklist
  • Demolition Work Permit
  • Environmental Inspection Checklist
  • Remote Work and Working Alone Checklist
  • Machinery Safety Checklist
  • Apprentices, Young and New Workers Safety Checklist
  • Traffic Management Checklist

Regular reviews and audits are essential components of monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of a WHS plan, to ensure its suitability to any changing circumstances.

By adhering to the WHS plan, construction projects can significantly reduce the likelihood of workplace incidents and create a safer environment for all personnel involved.

Why Choose to Buy this WHS Management Plan Package?

The key differences with our WHS management plan template include:

  • The plan is designed around the concept of how a person may manage the safety of a project looking forward, rather than a strict step-by-step procedural concept. The aim is to allow more flexibility with risk control options and other process requirements.
  • The WHS plan has images, graphics and diagrams within the content to enhance reader interest and assist with explanations.
  • The WHS plan has important points identified by ‘Take Note’ captions to draw the reader to significant points of relevance and to assist with the retention of important information.
  • A table listing related forms is at the end of each of the plan’s sections, enabling one to see at a glance which forms, registers and checklists to use to enable compliance to that particular section.

After purchasing this WHS plan package you will be able to:

  • Very easily edit and customize the templates to create your own WHS plan.
  • Apply your own style, format and brand to the documents.
  • Use in any industry or sector, regardless of size or type of organization.

Note: This plan includes many sections that may not be needed for your project, so simply delete whatever is not required.

Availability and Use of this WHS Plan Package

  • This WHS management plan is accessible to you right now by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • The WHS plan package will be delivered to you by email in fully editable Microsoft Word format for immediate and full use in your business.
  • There are no subscriptions, contracts or ongoing costs.

whs management plan

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