Scaffold Inspection Checklist

Scaffolding Inspection Checklist

This scaffold inspection checklist:

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Scaffolding Work

Scaffolding work is the process of constructing temporary supports to provide stability and access during construction, repair, or maintenance work on a structure. It is a key element in ensuring the safety of workers who work at height and the overall success of construction projects. It allows workers to safely access work areas and provides stability during construction work.

There are many different types of scaffolding and the type of scaffolding used will depend on the specific needs of the construction project. Scaffolds can be made from wood, metal and even plastic components.

What is a Scaffolding Inspection Checklist?

A scaffolding inspection checklist is a document used to verify that the scaffolding system and all scaffolding components are of the highest quality and meet scaffolding safety standards. It is typically used by safety inspectors or scaffolding contractors before allowing workers to use the scaffold.

The checklist should include a thorough inspection of all scaffolding components, including the frame, planks, guardrails, and baseplates and inspectors should also check for any damage or wear that could potentially lead to a scaffolding failure.

Contents of this Scaffolding Inspection Checklist

This inspection checklist includes (but, is not limited to) the following aspects and their subsets of scaffolds:

Scaffold Inspection Tag

       Scaffold Inspection Tag

  • Scaffold vicinity.
  • Supporting structure.
  • Sole-boards and baseplates.
  • Scaffold structure.
  • Platforms.
  • Access and egress.
  • Containment sheeting.
  • General fitness for purpose.
  • Mobile scaffolds.
  • Inspection summary.

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This 5-page inspection checklist can assist you ensure that a scaffold and all scaffolding components are in good working order and meet the required safety standards.

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