It is mandatory if carrying out high risk construction work that a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for the proposed high-risk work be prepared before the high-risk construction work commences.

A Safe Work Method Statement:

Safe Work Method Statements should be as detailed as is necessary to describe the work activities and the methods to control the risks.

Our Safe Work Method Statements give you a massive head start if you need a Safe Work Method Statement and will also prompt you for ideas to manage your risks.

Please Note: It is extremely important to consult with the all of the personnel who will be associated with the work when developing a SWMS so that information can be accumulated through their experience and knowledge and so that they understand the details of the SWMS and what they are required to do to implement and maintain risk controls.

Our SWMS’s are all in Microsoft Word format, allowing you to easily customise the SWMS for your specific requirements.

We are always happy to review your SWMS’s before you submit them to a Client or the Principal Contractor. 

All purchased Safe Work Method Statements are 100% Guaranteed to be accepted by your clients.

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