Electrical Safety Checklist

Electrical Safety Checklist

This electrical safety checklist:

  • Can be used to inspect electrical equipment and installations and help you prevent an electrical incident at your workplace.
  • Can help you identify potential electrical hazards and take the necessary actions to eliminate or reduce the risk of an electrical accident.
  • Can be used to assist you verify that your electrical equipment and electrical installations are safe.

About this Electrical Safety Checklist

This electrical safety checklist can be used to assist you verify that your electrical equipment and electrical installations are safe. Any person inspecting, testing or working with electricity, must ensure that the procedures and guidelines specified in electrical legislation are always followed.

If a person is working with electrical equipment and/or installations safety precautions must be taken to eliminate or minimise the risks to health and safety and meet mandatory legislative requirements. Any person handling electrical equipment must do so in a safe and controlled manner, that will not damage, an electrical fire or reduce the service life of the equipment.

What is Electrical Equipment?

Electrical equipment could mean any apparatus, appliance, cable, conductor, fitting, insulator, material and meter or wire that:

  • Is used for controlling, generating, supplying, transforming or transmitting electricity at a voltage greater than extra-low voltage; or
  • Is operated by electricity at a voltage greater than extra-low voltage; or
  • Is part of an electrical installation located in an area in which the atmosphere presents a risk to health and safety from fire or explosion; or
  • Is, or is part of, a cathodic protection system.

Electrical Safety Checklist

What to do if Someone Gets an Electrical Shock

  • Do not touch the victim if they are in contact with live conductors.
  • Where possible, and if safe to do so disconnect the power source.
  • If able to relocate the victim to a safe environment and call for medical assistance.
  • Where qualified, commence and maintain resuscitation until emergency services arrive.
  • Cover any burned area with a sterile gauze bandage or a clean cloth.

Electrical Safety Inspection Checks

Electrical Installations

  • Are switchboards correctly labelled and protected from damage?
  • Are lights, light fittings and their power lines suitable for the work area and protected from damage?
  • Are power points suitable for the work areas and safely positioned?

Maintenance of Electrical Installations

  • Is there is a maintenance program and/or an electrical safety check system in place?
  • Has electrical equipment and the electrical systems been tested?
  • Have portable and fixed electrical equipment been tagged?
  • Is there is a record of the relevant test data?
  • Is the licensed electrician or tester’s license number on the tags?

Flexible Cords and Extension Sets

  • Do all connections have either molded or transparent type plugs?
  • Are plugs, sockets and extension cords in good condition?
  • Are all flexible cords protected from damage?
  • Has it been ensured that aerial cables are not fixed or attached to scaffolding?
  • Are cords suitable for the length in use and free of electrical hazards?
  • Has it been verified that double adaptors and three-pin plug adaptors are not in use?

Residual Current Devices

  • Are residual current devices installed at switchboards and fixed sockets?
  • Is portable electrical equipment protected by a residual current device?
  • Are residual current devices labelled and have they been tested?
  • Are all final sub-circuits, socket outlets, portable generators and equipment protected by residual current devices?

Why Subscribe and Download this Electrical Safety Checklist?

This electrical safety checklist can be used to assist you review and verify that your electrical equipment and installations are safe.

Note: Any issues found during an electrical inspection should be repaired or the equipment should be isolated or removed from service until it can be repaired.

With this electrical safety checklist, you will be able to:

  • Very easily edit and customize the template to create your own electrical inspection checklist.
  • Apply your own style, format and brand to the electrical safety checklist.
  • Use it in any industry or sector regardless of size or type of organization.

Availability and Use of this Electrical Safety Checklist

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