Manual Handling Assessment

Manual Handling Assessment

This manual handling assessment:

  • Can be used to assess the understanding and competence of personnel with regards to manual handling.
  • Can assist you train personnel on manual handling tasks and increase the awareness of the risks when undertaking manual handling tasks, consequently reducing the risk of injury.
  • Are an important tool in ensuring the work health and safety of employees and enabling safe work practices.
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What is a Manual Handling Task?

A manual handling task refers to workplace activities requiring the use of force exerted by a person to lift, lower, push, pull, move, hold, restrain, grasp, manipulate, strike, throw or carry an object, load or body part.

What is a Manual Handling Assessment?

This assessment is a questionnaire that can be used to evaluate a person’s general understanding and knowledge of the potential hazards posed by manual handling tasks. It is generally conducted after manual handling training has been presented.

Manual Handling Assessment

The goal of this assessment is to ensure workers have a good understanding of the risks posed by manual handling and can work safely when performing manual handling work tasks.

Training assessments are an important tool in ensuring the work health and safety of employees and enabling safe work practices.

Contents of this Assessment

This assessment questionnaire has provisions for ten manual handling assessment questions that are associated with:

Manual Handling Assessment

  • Assessing the risk of manual handling.
  • Risks of injury when pushing, pulling, carrying or awkward postures etc.
  • Manual handling risk management assessments.
  • Hazardous manual handling.
  • Hand or bodily forces.
  • High risk control measures (e.g. mechanical aids etc).
  • Reducing the risk musculoskeletal disorders in the working environment.

Why Choose to Buy this Assessment for Manual Handling

  • This 2-page assessment can help you with manual handling training and assess the competence of workers and their understanding of safe manual handling practices.

After purchasing this assessment you will be able to:

  • Very easily edit and customize the template to create your own assessment.
  • Apply your own style, format and brand to the assessment.
  • Use it in any industry or sector regardless of size or type of organization.

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