Site Shutdown Checklist

Site Shutdown Checklist

This site shutdown checklist:

  • Can prompt for risks and hazards with a holiday period and help you ensure the business is secure when closed down.
  • Can assist you with workplace security and safety measures during extended periods of inactivity, which can then reduce liabilities, insurance claims and overall risk.

About this Worksite Shutdown Checklist

This worksite shutdown checklist can be used to prompt for risks and hazards associated with going into a close down or holiday period. Before any type of business shutdown or holiday period, it is important to ensure all services and equipment associated with the business are prepared for inactivity.

The site shutdown checklist prompts for required actions associated with the following:

Worksite Shutdown Checklist

Buildings and Structures

  • Do all temporary buildings have adequate anchorages applied to prevent dislodgement by weather events?
  • Are all containers locked close and protected from movement?
  • Are concrete slabs, bunds and sumps clear of rubbish and debris?
  • Are drains clear of debris and potential blockages?
  • Have water tanks been topped up to prevent dislodgement by weather events?

Laydown and Storage Areas

  • Have all loose materials likely to be dislodged by weather events been bundled together and secured to substantial anchorages?
  • Have bins been emptied and adequately secured?
  • Are bunds clean and empty and have they been covered to prevent filling with water?
  • Have hazmat containers been checked for leakage and are they secure?
  • Is drainage around storage areas free of debris and potential blockages?


  • Have all windows and doors been closed and secured?
  • Has all electrical equipment been switched off at the power source?
  • Have computers and printers been covered to prevent ingress of water and dust?
  • Have confidential materials, documents and valuables been secured?
  • Has the perimeter of the building been checked and is it secure?
  • Have refrigerators been emptied of all perishable goods?
  • Have waste bins been emptied?


  • Are windows closed and locked?
  • Have air conditioners been turned off and are vents closed?
  • Have drink and ice machines been turned off?
  • Has outside furniture been placed inside or otherwise secured?
  • Have rubbish bins been emptied and stored inside?
  • Have fire extinguishers been adequately stored and secured?
  • Have refrigerators been emptied and turned off at the power source?
  • Have outside paper towels and soap dispensers been adequately stored?
  • Has all electrical equipment been turned off at the power source?
  • Have internal and external doors been closed and locked?

Mobile Plant and Equipment

  • Has the mobile plant been parked up with the parking brake engaged?
  • Have toolboxes been secured to prevent water ingress?
  • Have oxygen, acetylene and other gas cylinders been adequately stored and secured?
  • Have all cranes and mobile plant had the jibs and extendable booms lowered to ground level?
  • Have all mobile plant, equipment and vehicles had their keys stored in a secure place?
  • Have all loose items in the back of vehicles, plant and equipment been removed and stored?
  • Has fuel been adequately secured?

Why Subscribe and Download this Site Shutdown Checklist?

  • This 2-page site shutdown checklist can be used to prompt for risks and hazards associated with going into a shutdown or holiday period.

With this site shutdown checklist you will be able to:

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