Crisis Management Plan


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Crisis Management Plan

This crisis management plan template is a comprehensive document designed to manage any crisis. The plan (or package) would suit any high-level corporate organisation that needs a thorough method to manage a crisis situation.

The plan provides an up to 9-member team with step-by-step procedures and all of the tools to assist them when considering possible impacts and their stakeholders. The plan can enable all responsible persons to approach any crisis in a structured and methodical manner.


Why buy this Crisis Management Plan template?

It is of critical importance for a high-level organisation that preparation has been undertaken to manage any potential crisis as efficiently as possible and with minimal damage to people, the environment, operations and company reputation.

This crisis management plan template provides for a comprehensive framework for managing crisis situations. The plan identifies what positions may be accountable for managing a situation and provides them with step-by-step procedures and tools to assist them when considering possible impacts, affected stakeholders, and making decisions rapidly, professionally and effectively.

The crisis management plan enables the nominated responsible persons to approach any crisis in a structured and methodical manner, significantly increasing the likelihood that any injury, loss or damage arising from a crisis is minimised.

This crisis management plan template can also save you countless hours of hard work, time and money.


Your crisis management plan package includes:

  • A crisis management plan – 30 pages.
  • 31 crisis management guides, checklists and templates’ as listed below.
  • Responsibility Checklist 1 – Crisis Management Team Leader
  • Responsibility Checklist 2 – Response Coordinator
  • Responsibility Checklist 3 – Recovery Coordinator
  • Responsibility Checklist 4 – Services Coordinator
  • Responsibility Checklist 5 – Human Resources Officer
  • Responsibility Checklist 6 – External Communication Officer
  • Responsibility Checklist 7 – Family Liaison Officer
  • Responsibility Checklist 8 – Scene Coordinator
  • Responsibility Checklist 9 – Administrator
  • Crisis Contact Directory
  • Crisis Management Team Appointment List
  • Distribution and Implementation Guide
  • Response Actions
  • Initial Team Briefing Guide
  • Situation report
  • Update Brief
  • Post Crisis Review Record
  • Post Crisis Debrief Form
  • Crisis Management Structure
  • Crisis Incident Details
  • Casualty Information Record
  • Resource List
  • Record of Key Events
  • Fact Collection Record
  • Issues and Actions
  • Objectives Record
  • Stakeholder Information
  • Information Capture and Transfer Record
  • Individual Actions Record
  • Next of Kin Status Record
  • Meeting Schedules


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