WHS (Occupational) Management System


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WHS (Occupational) Management System

This WHS (Occupational) Management System sets out a high-level safety strategy that can be adopted by your business. The safety system can provide your business with a coordinated and systematic approach to manage your legal compliance obligations and the health and safety risks within your workplace.

This safety management system can enable your business to improve upon compliance with regulations and other workplace requirements. It can assist your business minimise injuries and illnesses, subsequently keeping your business costs down and profits up.


Why buy this WHS (Occupational) Management System?

This benchmark WHS (Occupational) Management System outlines health and safety strategies and objectives including:

  • Development and implementation of effective processes and procedures to systematically identify hazards, assess risks and eliminate or control risks to the lowest level reasonably practicable.
  • Mechanisms for communication and consultation with employees.
  • Development and implementation of systems of work that are safe and without risk, or minimizing risk to a reasonably practicable level.
  • Delivering plant, equipment, chemicals, substances, etc, that are safe and without risk when properly used.
  • Provision of adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to workers and providing adequate facilities for the welfare of workers.

This WHS (Occupational) Management System also includes a wide-ranging collection of forms, checklist and registers to assist you implement and manage your workplace’s safety.


Your WHS (Occupational) Management System includes:

  • Workplace health and safety management manual – 68 pages.
  • 29 WHS management forms.


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It is delivered to you in fully editable Microsoft Word format for immediate and full use in your business. There are no subscriptions, contracts or ongoing costs.



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